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Guangzhou Shima trade Co., well-recognized enterprise in HID industry.In the early days when HID technology is not yet mature,the company has invested a great deal of manpower,material and financial resources to do R & D,which makes it an important role in HID automotive market in China.It is the first company to introduced to market the DC ballast with stable and reliable quality,and take the lead to guarantee "two ballast to replace the broken one within a years".So far no other companies have ensured this guarantee for their products. Recently the company launched a new innovative ballast ES8000 with grarantee of "two years"warranty,and "two ballast to replace the broken one".It is a ballast of superior quality with most competitive price that other domestic brands can not be compared with.

Due to its powerful technical strength and production capacity,BenBaWang has become one of the most powerful HID suppliers.Its product's super quality and competitive price lead it to be top one suplier of HID and competitive price lead it to bo top one supplier of HID and cooperate with many major brands world wide.In 2008,the company successfully allied with huarresourcesi lighting and achieves great achievement.

In order to better expand its market,BenBaWang has participated various exhibitions of both domestic abroad .It even participate three exhibitions in one mouth,which won the reputation of "professional exhibition participant".In canton fair,2008,it was on the suppliers to get the most orders.In 2009,Benbawang will further its strategic partnership with huari lighting company to explore more promotion activities. It has scheduled to participate exhibitions held in Europe,Unites States Russia,Middle East etc.

Because of its powerful technical development,strong enterprise force ,the company's competitive strength in HID industry.Not only the cost-effective products become industry extreme,but also all of the customers can attain great harvest--high quality and low cost products that help them makes good profit.Isn't it the best partner who the most dealers are willing to cooperate with.

In order to offer the best service to customers in the world's largest HID distribution center"Guangzhou",Benbawang has established its asles room in WuFu automotive center,ShengDa international Automotive Distribution Center.All of the sales room are located in the best position in these plaza.In 2008,Benbawang became one of council members in Guangdong automobile parts and accessories industry.It is worthy of its honor of the most well-recognized brand because the company takes lots of promotion and produce the high quality product with the best price .