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  • Corporate video

    Benba King Funo Group... As early as 2008, the market of the Benfon Fonuo Group Company began to change from a standard exhibition booth in Hong Kong and opened up to the world.

  • Plug-in hybrid bus trend

    It is the focus of China's energy-saving and new-energy automobile industry development, and it is also the most ideal choice for pure electric vehicles. hybrid buses will be promoted nationwide;

  • Security sensor development welcomes opportunities

    In the sensor market, there will always be extended applications. In 2014, the consumer market for networked products and services undoubtedly ushered in new business opportunities. Storage space.

  • Seat Detective China: No sales of heroes

    Astra China Strategic Partner." Next, what SEAT needs to answer is how to provide consumers with a choice of cars that are technically similar to Volkswagen and Skoda, with different brand styles.

  • How to accelerate the development of sensors

    Sensor technology is the cutting-edge technology of modern science and technology. Advances in microelectronics technology have contributed to the development of sensor technology for decades.

  • Massive global recall of ominous ominous signs

    According to reports, last week, the German Volkswagen Group announced the global recall of 2.6 million vehicles including its many popular models. One millimeter of paint thickness test pen.